Monday, June 13, 2011

from Alley

Well we are packed up and heading out for our Sunday/Monday marathon day home.  I am affectionaltely calling this mission trip the Good Will Tour of Peru.  We have done much work for the Kingdom of God.  Some of the work has been physical like moving dirt and painting, much of it has been relational like VBS and birthday celebrations, but most of it has been spiritual work like ushering in the Mighty Presence of the Spirit of God into each place we have gone.  It is easy to become overwhelmed in these places of need...but easy to ask the power of God to come.  My two favorite moments of ushering in the Holy Spirit is first when we went into a squatter village to find a soup kitchen to help serve in the next day.  We found the two woman who run the soup kitchen.  They are caught between a change in jurisdiction and municipalities and they have been without government assistant for food for months.  As 6 of us stood around and listened to their heart wrenching story of beauracricy and hunger, there was not much we could do in a tangible way, but that is when you ask for the Spirit of God to come.  We asked for the Father and Sustainer of all to be their Jehovah Jireh (Provider) and to come and bring spiritual and physical nurishment.  As we left I trusted that the Lord himself would step in  and do the work...we were just the vessel he used to usher in His presence.  The second favorite moment of ushing in the Holy Spirit was when we marched in the parade for the Peruvian flag day.  I know you are thinking crazy that a spiritual memorial stone could be a march, but I promise you the Lord was everpresent in that place.  As we march in our red Peru sweatshirts and the children from Hannah's Home marched in red ponchos we ushered in the Kingdom of God.  I was mindful of the Lord's prayer as I marched and prayed, Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.  There is much corruption in Chilca and the children's home and the community has come under much attack because of the enemy.   As we marched past the officials the crowd was cheering (probably because the Gringo's looked hilarious doing the Peruvian march) but the offficials stood and joined the clapping and cheering.  My heart was about the burst with the cry out to God....May the Favor of the Lord surround Hannah's Home like a shield.  It was a powerful moment with the Lord to usher in that presence and favor.  Those two moments like millions of others the Presence of God has been great.  Each face that I looked into dark beautiful eyes and kissed their cheeks I was talking to the Lord about His blessing and His purpose for their life.  This earth is not our home, that is so obvious in places of deep harsh need like Chilca, Peru....but it is also true of our comfortable places of plenty.  This earth is not our home...I long for the day when we stand in perfection with all peoples of the earth in the FULL presence of our King of Kings.  But until that day comes....I will continue to pray, "Your Kingdom come, your will above all Father on earth as it already is in Heaven."!!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Leaving Peru!

getting ready to leave ola grande. WOW!!! what a week we have had. I don't know where to has been so awesome to spend so much time with the kiddos this time at hannahs. They are such good kids and it is cool to see each individual personality. The birthday party for Jose and Allison was so much fun. We had decorations, cake, cola, music dancing games. So much fun. I have been on several mission trips and i go thinking i will help others. I always get more than i give. I will miss Peru!!!~~~ Dana Holt


Faith. That is the word that God really spoke to me this week. Have faith in Him and all things are possible. Okay, so a little bit of back ground on me, Grace Smith, I have always had a heart for orphans growing up. When I was younger I always pretended to help at an orphanage or adopt many little kids. As I got older I realized there weren't really any orphanages around me (which is Iowa). It didn't really click with me that there are other places in the world that have them. So my dream kinda died because it felt like it wouldn't ever happen. I didn't have faith in the One Above who can make all things happen. When I was asked to come along on this trip I was soo excited! God really showed me that He truely loves me and that He did NOT forget about my dreams and hopes of when I was younger. He is so good. This week has been so touching to me and very dear to my heart. The people and culture here have just become apart of me. God really spoke to me about the word faith, the verse that says "with Christ all things are possible" came to my mind and really hit home for me. I need to have 100% faith in Christ for all things in my life to become possible. I saw that 100% in Jim and Tony Kay this week. They stepped out on faith and moved to a 3rd world country to follow God's leading to make Hannah's Hope a real thing. They figured out that with Christ all things are possible. It is so true, when I look at the orphanage I see God in it and it is part of His kingdom here on earth. God loves seeing children without earthly parents being taken care of and being shown his love through others to them. I was so touched by Jim and Tony Kay the first day we were there when they showed us how they felt and were honest with us at how it is overwhelming, but what I found was that they clung to God and also to eachother. If God can make a dream of Jim and Tony Kay come true because of their faith, He can make His dreams for me come true if I have total faith in Him. This morning we had our quiet time and ocean devotion over Exodus 3 where Moses sees a burning bush and God speaks to him. When God says "Moses, Moses" I love how Moses responded "Here I am". Are we responding to God when He says OUR name like that? Or are we saying 'I'm to busy right now for You'? Another thing that really jumped out to me in these morning devos was when Moses says in verse 11 "Who am I, that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Eygpy?", Moses here was like whao I'm nothing special here and I don't think I can do this thing.  I love how God clearly answers "I will be with you". Wow oh wow, what a wonderful promise. Don't you think that if God said that to Moses back than, that He is still saying this to us now? I do. We serve such an AWEsome God who truely loves us and will always be there for us, we just need to have faith.

Grace Smith

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy Saturday from Nana and Mama Chill!

Nana (aka Teresa) and Mama Chill (alias Connie) are doin' the  bloggin' tonight!  We're pretty much blogging amateurs so bear with us,  but we want to fill you in on the events of our last full day in Chilca.  It started with the most amazing dolphin show in the waves while we shared in 'Ocean Devotions' this morning.  Nana had been whining about not having seen a dolphin yet, and begging everyone to point them out to her, no matter who was talking or what was going on. :-)  Lo and behold, today they performed the entire half hour we were worshipping, and she considered it a sweet gift from the Lord.  As the theme of our week has been 'what's in a name?' and we looked each day into the names of Christ, today our Scripture was in Exodus 3:1-15, and the great 'I AM WHO I AM' passage where Moses sees the burning bush.  How amazing that Joey had prayed at the packing party 'I pray that everyone of you sees a burning bush this coming week - Amen.'   How incredible that God connected the passage that had already been prepared for Saturday's devotion when he prayed that for us.
Our day began by dividing into groups and walking the dirt streets of Pastor Jorge's village, inviting the neighborhood children to the park in the center of town, for VBS.  We were thrilled to see so many sweet faces appear for our Jonah skit, basketball, coloring, etc.  We were especially blessed to have Pastor Jorge come and share with us, as Manny translated, and welcomed us to his community.  What joy!  The rest of the day was spent preparing for the party to celebrate the birthdays of Allison and Jose, two of the children who live at Hannah's.  The Peruvians know how to put on a party!!!    It was such a privilege and blessing to all of us, to be able to make this day special for these two dear children who have so little and have been through so much.   Actually, the truth is, all of Hannah's children bless us with their smiles and contentment and love.
Team time tonight was beyond decription, but that's another story for another time.   What an amazing group of people, focused on loving and serving Christ,  by being His hands and feet to one another and the people of Peru.  As the 'senior citizens' of this group that God put together, we have been so loved on, and had the great joy to love on them as well.  Nana and Mama Chill plan to keep pressin' on for the Lord as long as He gives us the strength to do so.
Signing off with a very special Birthday wish from Mom to Skip!  I love you all and will see you soon!  Connie
Bob, and the rest of my dear family, missing you all but be home soon!  God be praised for all He has done!  Teresa

Friday, June 10, 2011


no words...

....there are just not enough words to describe this day for you all...for me, it began at 5am leaving Ola with Amanda to go braid the chica's hair for the parade...which enabled us to help get them ready, eat breakfast with them and go with to take them to school...let's just say we learned alot...learned so much about this culture, the children and their personal situations...(which are unbelievable, ask me later) and learned so much about the importance of ushering in the presence of Christ everywhere we go.

When the team arrived at Hannah's, they quickly began marching practice...which they were so incredible at, they only had to practice a couple times! They quickly got in to the dirt, literally, and continued moving dirt....Rob rigged quite a system of team a and team b which would alternate shoveling and wheel barrowing (is that a word? we'll go with it!) for 20 minutes at a time!

We ate a quick lunch and then we were off to the PARADE!!!

The parade was quite different this year, it was in front of the municipality building and was way more organized...streets were blocked off  and the crowd was controlled...we watched for about a half an hour and then it was our turn!

let's just say, there are no words....this is Gateway's 3rd time marching and it was indescribable...the people were cheering LOUD for us and when we passed by the grand stand, the officials rose to their feet and were clapping for us. They had been announcing all morning every 10 minutes that there was a special group with ChildReach needless to say, in spite of our white skin, we were standing out big time...the cool part...our prayer going into it is that we would all point to Jesus and I truly believe we did just that...His presence was so real was AWESOME!

Back to Hannah's for some more service opportunities and then let's just say...the majority of the team (the students and the Hannah's children) were super-stoked that pizza was for dinner! Nothing like Dominoes in Peru! :)))) (no more Pizza Hut for us!) Dinner was celebrated with all the staff and family at Hannah's...wonderful evening!

Then...the night was NOT over...the cafeteria in the back was transformed into a DAY SPA! Manis and Pedis were in full swing! Mani's and Pedi's for EVERYONE! Yes, Jim and Dave and Jose and Brandon all got pedis! (well, a couple of them just opted for the massage part...but we pampered every single last one of them and then true to mission trip form...the tables turned and the girls had to paint all of our was precious and priceless!

I think the night was a highlight for everyone for the week...scratch that...I KNOW it was a highlight...but the icing on the cake was when Karin, one of the ladies that works at Hannah's, said through translation after Adri and Aubree had given her a manicure and a pedicure..."I've never had someone do this for me before...I felt as though it was God' hands Himself touching my hands and feet tonight, I praise God that He sent you here to be His hands and feet..." there was not a dry eye after that...God spoke BIG...we saw the burning bush...all of us. Cause that is what we are here be His hands and His feet...and to walk the road of submission...a life that says "yes, Lord".  Sometimes it is just a simple task of getting a washbin and a water and washing someone's feet...providing relief. Doing something that might be out of our comfort zone but is a pure act of obedience to God...others are blessed, we are changed.

It's late, the team is hopefully all sleeping...and we are ready for another incredible day ahead of us...including a BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! for 2 of the children!

Thank you for all your prayers...we know that you are praying...we seriously can see the answers with our own eyes...Laci-God has definitely slowed the week down and pushed pause several times...everyone has commented on how long this week has thank you for that prayer!

love to all...