Wednesday, June 8, 2011



Yes! Today was the first day of VBS! So, after our worship time and breakfast at Ola Grande, we headed to Hannah's to pick up all the "stuff" for VBS! We went to a  pre-school to share Christ with them. We had the opportunity to walk there, to see where Thalia, Cecilia and Brandon had lived (by themselves) prior to coming to Hannah's...ran into a crazy neighbor, who ended up being harmless...and arrived to a school filled with precious precious children...all eager to meet the white people! They were literally bouncing off the walls! It was priceless. Imagine trying to corral and contain 60 rambunctious 2-5 year was a blast!

There was singing and the drama about Jonah and the whale....followed by the infamous orange race (which they loved!) and then some coloring time followed by bubbles, finger nail painting...playing with beach balls...and just loving on the couldn't wipe the smiles off the teams faces!

We then went back to Hannah's and started service opportunities which included painting, moving dirt, digging ditches for trees and making lunch!

We were able to enjoy lunch with the children today...picnic was a great time...Amanda shared her story with the children and did a phenomenal job of getting on their level and sharing how God is their Father and He loves like no other can.

Afternoon was a continuing of service opportunities for the team...I love watching this team just jump in and say yes to whatever is asked...everyone is giving 100% and I KNOW God is pleased!

Today was day 2 setting up salon for me and I have to say my joy came in getting to teach Cecilia (the oldest child at Hannah's~12yrs old) how to cut her sister, Thalia's hair. Yesterday, Cecilia was intently watching me cut other children's hair and we could tell she was very interested, paying attention to every detail! So, today when she was watching I asked if I could let her help me cut...her eyes lit up! Let's just say she was a natural, a natural with holding the scissors, she cut a perfect straight line and didnt even cut herself...I couldn't wipe the smile off my was such a blessing to me! Tomorrow, I will continue to show her more hair-cutting techniques and I truly believe this girl will go on to become a hairstylist some day...she did GREAT!

Another blessing of the day has been getting to know Merari, our translator. She is so inspiring to me. She is 29 years old, single, pastor of youth at her church, runs a feeding center in North Lima that feeds 30 kids every weekend and is a missions trip leader getting ready to take her youth to Brazil this summer on a missions trip...AND she is wanting to take her youth to AFRICA next year! The more we talked, the more I could just see and feel God's presence all around her....she gives so selflessly using her own finances to run her feeding center....oh, and I forgot to mention she owns a language school in Lima that teaches 5 languages, has it's own administrator,  5 teachers and 120 students....WOW, oh, and one more thing...she speaks 4 languages...this girl is a really cool girl and I am so glad God put her on our trip! She has inspired me in so many ways...and inspired so many of us!

We went to church at Shalom tonight and enjoyed our time worshipping with was the Pastor's birthday so there was a DANCE PARTY after church...(minus the disco ball, though!) was a great evening!

We're back at Ola Grande now...ready to call it a night and be ready for all God has for us tomorrow!

Thank you all for your prayers...we can definitely feel them!
Amy H.


  1. VBS!!!!! Orange Relay!!! I can hear the laughter and I can feel the experience! What a blessing it is to follow your journey this week.
    Thank you for the image you are giving through your photo's and words!

    Team, Continue on in the strength of Jesus, He said All of you that are heavy laiden, come to me and I will give you rest, My yoke is easy and my burden is light...
    Lay down your burdens, take up the burden Jesus carries then your load will be lighter and easier.
    GO team Peru2011!
    "United we stand...divided we fall"

  2. AMY - awesome! thanks for sharing! i LOVED that you are teaching Cecilia to cut hair. reminds me of the old proverb about teaching a man to fish instead of giving him fish! very cool. i do hope she is a hairstylist someday and ushers in the Spirit of Jesus to people as she cuts their hair - just like you do every week - in blue springs...and whatever other place on the planet the Lord takes you. :) praying for your continued vision and leadership as you lead this awesome team of Jesus-followers! to go along with your "name" theme .... continue to make our name one to be proud of! ;) blessings! amyv

  3. Dear Amy,
    What a Precious Blog! You are an amazing woman and I know that God has put people in your path for very specific reasons. I pray the rest of the trip is as amazing as the other days have been -- or Maybe, even more exciting!! Once when Anna was very young and things were tough here, Joe was out of work and I was stressed beyond measure with 3 little kids. And, from the bathroom I heard the little angelic voice of Anna singing, "Trust and Obey, For there's no other way, to be Happy in Jesus, but to Trust and Obey!"
    You Go Girl!!! Our God has Amazing things for you to do and Amazing Places for you to go!