Monday, June 6, 2011

Awesome God day today!

Wow! When you ask God to show up, He does! This entire day has been awesome, but one particular moment really stood out to me. We went into the town of Chilca today and learned a little about the needs and the beliefs of the people there. We were asked to divide up into four groups and each group went down a different  street on a prayer walk. I really wasn't sure what a prayer walk looked like, even after being explained what it was. As each group headed off in different directions I wasn't sure what to pray for, was it for protection over the city, for the people to know and trust in the Lord? I soon realized it didn't matter what I thought should be prayed because the Holy Spirit led us to three very sweet little boys. They were walking and playing outside their house. JP, our translator, asked them how old they were and what their names were. They were so sweet, you could see it in their eyes they wanted to talk to us, but didn't know what to say. We asked them if we could pray over them and eagerly they said "si" So right there in the middle of street, in the town of Chilca, we all knelt down and prayed over them. We prayed for God to show them the great plans He has for them and that He would guide them. It was plain, simple, but felt mighty. I don't what they believe, where their faith is, or what they have been told but I do know God has a plan for them and will always hold our prayer in His hands.



  1. Good Morning, Aubree,
    I'm sure the Prayer Walk was scary at first, but how wonderful that you had such a blessed experience. I'm sure those children's lives will be changed in amazing ways because of your group and God being with them. I'll pray today is as rewarding, if not more! than yesterday...
    Go with God!

  2. Aubree,
    I love how God is working in the plain and simple, but MIGHTY! You are God's prayer warrior! Keep up the fight!! Love ya!