Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Letter Home.

Dear Siena,
Hola, sweet chica!  Momma misses you so very much.  I have been talking about you all the time (to those around here that understand me...and even those that don't!)  I show them pictures and they give your face precious kisses...just like I do!  As much as I miss you, God has been so good to me down here.  He has shown me purpose, faithfulness, and lots of beautiful moments.
Momma has met some really amazing people down here.  Those pictures of the sweet children that we have in our kitchen are here and I love on them every day.  Their sweet faces and darling smiles are just adorable.  There are some wonderful people who work in the childrens' home that I spend time with too.  Tony Kay and Jim are a wonderful couple who have given up a lot to show the people of Peru love, compassion, and consistency.  Dave is the architect who has designed integral parts of Hannah's.  Because of his patience and dedication to doing what God called him to, we get to benefit and be a part of something truly wonderful.
There are lots of other people who are certainly very important down here, but Siena, I have to tell you about a few very special ones.
Because we don't speak the language down here, we have a few translators that travel everywhere with us.  We would be lost without their communication.  Because they are always with us, we have been able to have lots of conversation.  Imanuel and JP are two of them.  They are wonderful and have saved us from very awkward moments with the people of Peru.  Also, we have Jasmine and Merari.  These two women are truly amazing people who I hope you meet someday.  They have such special stories.  They speak so much truth and honesty - it's amazing.  I have had such special conversations with them.  They have shared much more than just language with me.  God truly put them in our group for a reason and I promise to share more stories about them when I get home.
Siena, will you please tell your Daddy that I miss him too?  Tell him that we have been doing all the hard prep work on the soccer field so that when he comes down here, he can get the job finished.  Give him big kisses for me and tell him thank you for taking care of you while I'm down here.  Momma is not going to come home the same girl...I will return a much better person, wife, momma, and friend.  Kisses to you, my love.  See you soon.  Chao.
Love always,


  1. Adri - sooo sweet. :) i did kind of feel like i was getting Siena's personal mail and then reading it though. Good thing we are buddies now and she shares with me... the church retreat is coming up though.... yikes. :)
    love hearing about how God is working in and thru all of you! so awesome!
    blessings, amyv
    ps - please teach bay how to wear her hair in a pony tail. from the pics she is still trying to look like carrie underwood when she was "on a mission trip" in the movie Soul Surfer...she (and some others to be unnamed) are ruining my making fun of Carrie and how her hair was all fixed and cute. :) may the Lord be with you in this endeavor as well. :)

  2. Hi Adri, I loved reading your sweet "Love" letter to Siena. I'm sure you will come home a different person, a person who has been stretched and molded anew by our Amazing God. I'm praying for you and Matt both, as I am so proud of you both. May God Bless the rest of your stay and also Bless the Football Boys as they prepare to travel to Peru.