Sunday, June 5, 2011

Journey to Peru...Day 1

I have to say this was the MOST UNEVENTFUL, SMOOTH traveling day we have ever had......UNTIL we couldn't find the last 2 bags. Long story short, they somehow were tagged in KC with a strangers name who was going to that happened, we don't know...but we are just glad it was 2 bags and not 48!

Today is the Presidential Election in Peru so everything is closed...churches included! SO, when in a pinch...use what you've got, right? We had church on the beach, with the background of the crashing waves of the ocean...yep, you heard that right! Worship, ocean, sharing, crashing waves, Scripture...amazing!

The children from Hannah's Home joined us around 11 and we worshiped again with them, followed by playing in the sand, and even in the us, it's chilly here...not to them. They had their swimsuits on and were ready to play! Gotta love a child's heart!

We were able to go to lunch at El Sol complete with a hike up the "mountain"...just kidding, the big hill!

I can say we had a 1st today...we went on a tour that we'd never been on...and it definitely stretched us all out of our comfort zones...we toured the fishing dock in Pucasana, where the fisherman bring and drop off their catches at...let's just say, I don't think I ever need to do that again, and I'm pretty adventurous! I'm not quite sure what we are were walking through, but I heard several say..."is this what you meant by stretching us and pushing us out of our comfort zones???" YEP!

I'll close with this, an anchor on the dock caught my eye today. We were all watching a rather large bird devour a fish when out of the corner of my camera lens, I saw a unique was in the shape of a cross...what a message...the cross is an anchor. When we don't which way to turn, when life overwhelms us, when concerns demand our attention and cause us worry, when life just plain doesn't make sense, when we can't see the big picture and we can't figure out what God is doing...we can look to the cross, we can remember the sacrifice that was made for our freedom...we can know that it anchors us, it keeps us steady, it helps us see past what is in front of us, it gives us purpose and the blood that was shed there is what has made a way for us to have peace with the Father and peace in our hearts.

we're all excited for what God has for us tomorrow...tonight, we will rest!
thanks for praying us through!


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  2. My heart is overflowing at your all's testimonies of what God has already accomplished! Praise Him for his Excellent greatness! Praying and following daily with you all.
    God speed!
    Love you

  3. p.s. please give my love to Nerida if you see her while you are there. She was at Pastor Jorje's church last time.
    Thanks Girlfriend : *
    Mucho love

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  5. Good deal. I'm excited to hear how God uses you this week!

  6. What an Amazing testimony, Amy! God is our anchor in Valleys and mountain tops. Thanks for reminding all of us! I Loved the picture of the anchor--
    Have a great week and I'm praying for fantastic things to happen for all you come in contact with. I know the team will come back with their cups overflowing! Love ya

  7. God has truly shown Himself to you in the short time you have been in Peru. The anchor is a reminder of who He is... The ocean shows His creation... the children of Hannah's Home His heart and love... What a wonderful God He is! Amazing!!!!! God Bless His servants as they continue to do His plans.