Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy Saturday from Nana and Mama Chill!

Nana (aka Teresa) and Mama Chill (alias Connie) are doin' the  bloggin' tonight!  We're pretty much blogging amateurs so bear with us,  but we want to fill you in on the events of our last full day in Chilca.  It started with the most amazing dolphin show in the waves while we shared in 'Ocean Devotions' this morning.  Nana had been whining about not having seen a dolphin yet, and begging everyone to point them out to her, no matter who was talking or what was going on. :-)  Lo and behold, today they performed the entire half hour we were worshipping, and she considered it a sweet gift from the Lord.  As the theme of our week has been 'what's in a name?' and we looked each day into the names of Christ, today our Scripture was in Exodus 3:1-15, and the great 'I AM WHO I AM' passage where Moses sees the burning bush.  How amazing that Joey had prayed at the packing party 'I pray that everyone of you sees a burning bush this coming week - Amen.'   How incredible that God connected the passage that had already been prepared for Saturday's devotion when he prayed that for us.
Our day began by dividing into groups and walking the dirt streets of Pastor Jorge's village, inviting the neighborhood children to the park in the center of town, for VBS.  We were thrilled to see so many sweet faces appear for our Jonah skit, basketball, coloring, etc.  We were especially blessed to have Pastor Jorge come and share with us, as Manny translated, and welcomed us to his community.  What joy!  The rest of the day was spent preparing for the party to celebrate the birthdays of Allison and Jose, two of the children who live at Hannah's.  The Peruvians know how to put on a party!!!    It was such a privilege and blessing to all of us, to be able to make this day special for these two dear children who have so little and have been through so much.   Actually, the truth is, all of Hannah's children bless us with their smiles and contentment and love.
Team time tonight was beyond decription, but that's another story for another time.   What an amazing group of people, focused on loving and serving Christ,  by being His hands and feet to one another and the people of Peru.  As the 'senior citizens' of this group that God put together, we have been so loved on, and had the great joy to love on them as well.  Nana and Mama Chill plan to keep pressin' on for the Lord as long as He gives us the strength to do so.
Signing off with a very special Birthday wish from Mom to Skip!  I love you all and will see you soon!  Connie
Bob, and the rest of my dear family, missing you all but be home soon!  God be praised for all He has done!  Teresa

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