Friday, June 10, 2011

God is in control. That's exactly the way it is supposed to be.

Let me just say that one more time, just in case you didn't really get that the first time: God is in control and that's exactly the way it is supposed to be.  He is ALL POWERFUL.  From the time I have been here in Peru He has continued to open my eyes and open my heart to all that He can be in our lives.  Every experience has lead to a glimpse of his handiwork...the first day we were swept into the ocean (literally) and today I stood in aww at the perfection and work of each and every wave as it crashed to the rocks.  He truly makes the way for all that we do.  Nana and I got 100% soaked and it was 100% unexpected only hours after landing in Peru.  We had to run after her only pair of shoes and our cameras so we would not lose them completely.It was not my plan, to say the least, but because of this I was able to stand back and see all that He can do.  What's even more crazy, though, is I loved being taken by His presence/purpose for my life.  At that moment I felt that anything God wants to do, I have faith that He will do in me this week and in my life.  I had another one of these moments this morning as well, just a realization that when you put God in every situation it is amplified.  As I was finishing my run on the beach I made my way up quite a few blue stairs to stare out at an indescribable view filled with waves flooding onto the beach every second.  In each second as the wave crashed and rolled over they hit the rock at just a spot that forced the water completely vertical.  Just picture the Little Mermaid on her rock, but with these waves she would have gotten knocked over, sadly.  God is in control of each of those moments and He creates the beauty of each and every wave.  Wow :)
I love that and I love all of these moments and memories that I can bring home with me.  The challenge is to carry these lessons and allow them to change us.  Let me challenge you to encourage those around you in their faith and in their walk to trust God and find comfort in the control and purpose that He has for you. It is something amazing.
Love you all so much and thank you to all of you that have helped and supported through all I do, including this mission trip to Peru...
Have a great day! Megan Yohe :)
Colossians 1:9b-12 M


  1. i love megan yohe! :) sooo awesome to read your awesome post! so excited to get a glimpse into all that God is speaking in and thru you there! VERY cool. cant wait to hear more when you're back....somewhere amidst all your other planned adventures this summer! :) God is MOST DEFINITELY in control...they rest of us would jack it up good and proper if we were in control. :) and glad to hear that you are getting those runs in. :) praying you continue to "be strengthened with all power, according to His glorious might" keep ushering in that contagious joy of yours with that God given laugh and smile! :) love you girl! amyv

  2. LOVE YOU LITTER SISTER! Wish I was there running on the beach with you :) I am so proud of you & I can't wait to hear stories when you get back! Love you so much xxxx
    -BIG sis!