Sunday, June 12, 2011


Faith. That is the word that God really spoke to me this week. Have faith in Him and all things are possible. Okay, so a little bit of back ground on me, Grace Smith, I have always had a heart for orphans growing up. When I was younger I always pretended to help at an orphanage or adopt many little kids. As I got older I realized there weren't really any orphanages around me (which is Iowa). It didn't really click with me that there are other places in the world that have them. So my dream kinda died because it felt like it wouldn't ever happen. I didn't have faith in the One Above who can make all things happen. When I was asked to come along on this trip I was soo excited! God really showed me that He truely loves me and that He did NOT forget about my dreams and hopes of when I was younger. He is so good. This week has been so touching to me and very dear to my heart. The people and culture here have just become apart of me. God really spoke to me about the word faith, the verse that says "with Christ all things are possible" came to my mind and really hit home for me. I need to have 100% faith in Christ for all things in my life to become possible. I saw that 100% in Jim and Tony Kay this week. They stepped out on faith and moved to a 3rd world country to follow God's leading to make Hannah's Hope a real thing. They figured out that with Christ all things are possible. It is so true, when I look at the orphanage I see God in it and it is part of His kingdom here on earth. God loves seeing children without earthly parents being taken care of and being shown his love through others to them. I was so touched by Jim and Tony Kay the first day we were there when they showed us how they felt and were honest with us at how it is overwhelming, but what I found was that they clung to God and also to eachother. If God can make a dream of Jim and Tony Kay come true because of their faith, He can make His dreams for me come true if I have total faith in Him. This morning we had our quiet time and ocean devotion over Exodus 3 where Moses sees a burning bush and God speaks to him. When God says "Moses, Moses" I love how Moses responded "Here I am". Are we responding to God when He says OUR name like that? Or are we saying 'I'm to busy right now for You'? Another thing that really jumped out to me in these morning devos was when Moses says in verse 11 "Who am I, that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Eygpy?", Moses here was like whao I'm nothing special here and I don't think I can do this thing.  I love how God clearly answers "I will be with you". Wow oh wow, what a wonderful promise. Don't you think that if God said that to Moses back than, that He is still saying this to us now? I do. We serve such an AWEsome God who truely loves us and will always be there for us, we just need to have faith.

Grace Smith

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