Friday, June 10, 2011

the fweens

   lets just say that this week has been the longest week of our lives! (in a good way:) God has shown his love and faithfulness in many ways in all of our lives. whether it be letting God take control, knowing that his plan is the right one, worrying about the smallest things when God really has the control, not taking our parents for granted, loving the kids without speaking, not to just put a name with a face but actually knowing the story and last but not least, not just the kids just learning from us, but us learning from them.
     throughout the week we worked our traseros(butts) off. we moved dirt pile after dirt pile and painted wall after wall. and yet it was all worth it because of the relationships and experiences God has shaped along the way. we would all definitely say that we are all closer with each other and with the adults on this trip. we are coming home as one family, one family in Christ that is! working with each other and talking about our lives has touched all of our lives and made us learn that what we say and how we act matters and can make a difference.
     there are many stories to be told and some are just way too long to write. so we encourage you to take the time and ask us all about what this week has meant to us and changed our hearts. if there is one thing that we are sure of, it's that knowing the stories really matters and truly can change your perspective.
     welll, thats all the FWEENS have for you,
love- Aleyna, Alyssa, Ashton, Baylor, Corbin, Dakota, Kalee, Logan and Samantha


  1. yay FWEENS! :) cant wait to hear all the stories! keep soaking in every moment of you "long" week! dont miss any opportunities!

  2. I just keep saying WOW!! I am so excited for all God is doing!! Continue to let Him push and pull, not just in Peru but in all the days to come. Come home and tell your story loudly, not just with your words but with who you are!! I love all you " Fweens" and my ears are ready for all the deets!!